Dolly Bindra gets in a fight with Khali

Mumbai: The popular reality show has come to its last countdown days. There only a few days until we will see the winner of Bigg Boss 4. The four housemates left in, are more and tenser, as the final moment is soon to come. The latest task in the show is to make them dance on a few specific songs, which are the choice of Bigg Boss.

As everyone knows, Dolly Bindra has had her share part of arguments with everyone in the house except Khali the Great. He was the only one with which Dolly was able to connect. That’s way she called him Veerji, which means big brother.

However thing were not left like this when Dolly found out that Khali had been keeping some ginger away from her, but instead he gave it to Shweta Tiwari. She got very upset as Khali knew that she was a big fan of ginger tea.

There are only a few days left until the end of the show and thing appear to be getting more and more interesting.

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