Don’t approach Madhuri Dixit, if you don’t have Rs. 5 crores

Mumbai: Madhuri Dixit is undoubtedly the real beauty of Bollywood trade. She is the one who has enticed the moviegoers with her oomph factor, dancing skills and marvelous acting in her heydays. But still this beauty queen, who has turned aged, is regarded high among her fans living in every part of the world. The Dhak Dhak lady always brings values to the brands she endorses. The brands show their interest in fetching her in the campaigns since they know that her name sells.

Ever since Madhuri has landed in Mumbai with her family to settle here (as both Dixit and her husband Dr. Nene shows interest in settling here in Mumbai now), she has been approached by the number of producers and the brands. But majority of them have to return back empty-handedly since the actress asks for the price, they do not want to take risk on.

Ms. Dixit’s quoted price for brand endorsements is in between of Rs. 1 to 3 crores per deal and for films, she quotes in between Rs. 4 to Rs. 5 crores per movie.

Madhuri’s price quotes are equal to those of Bollywood’s biggies Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Vidya Balan charge. This shows Madhuri considers her equal to them. Thus signing Madhuri is so much expensive. She is undoubtedly the much-famed woman of Bollywood who once enjoyed the peak of success in Hindi film industry, but post her re-entry to Bollywood in her old age (when even the wrinkles have also started showing off from her face) she was seen as a solo in just one film ‘Aaja Nach Laye’ that flopped badly at the box office. Therefore the producers do not want to take risk after paying the super high price to the actress.

Madhuri Dixit’s husband Dr. Nene too is looking for a good career-oriented job at some high profile hospital in Mumbai these days.

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