Ekta Kapoor approached to become brand ambassador

Mumbai: It’s now the turn of the voluptuous sexy Ekta Kapoor to join in the charity bandwagon. Well, reportedly this bombshell production house owner of international fame Kapoor is being contacted by the three renowned brands to become their brand ambassador.  Although Ekta has not said yes to any of them and is considering the offers. But if she inks the deal, she will go for charity by giving the deal amount to charities instead of taking it in possession.

Talking about the decisions in life, the gorgeous Ekta Kapoor told that he parents always gave her the freedom to do what she wanted to do in life. Thus she is free to make any kind of decision. She uttered to the reports that when she was offered to be the brand ambassador by the popular brands, she told to her mother and she began laughing, saying, ‘don’t go for doing these things at all. And if you like doing so, then give the money in charity’.

These three high profile offers have come from a cellular company, a youth channel and batteries manufacturers. Well, we all know that why Ekta became so much popular that led her to be noticed in brands’ eyes. Obviously it is the film ‘The Dirty Picture’ that has been heightening to bigger success and success.

She explained that her mother Shobha Kapoor, who is also the co-producer on almost all of Ekta’s projects, told her if you liked going for becoming a brand ambassador then give the earned money to charities rather than keeping it with her. Ekta Kapoor revealed that money was not all to make her decisions in life rather she always put her likings first, money came later.

She is planning to make the sequel to Once Upon a Time in Mumbai but she delays the project since director Milan Luthria is suffering from typhoid these days. By the time he gets recovered, she will talk to him on the matter and the movie will go on floors.

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