Emotional confrontation with Sonam not easy for Shahid

The co-stars of upcoming bollywood movie Mausam is not having a great time with each other. There’s been some kind of cold war going in between them. In general, the lead pair of a film get along with each other so well that rumors were spread by the smugglers which forces them to get together, but the actors of the film Mausam on a war footing. It is said that Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, who had major differences during the filming of the movie, still can not see eye to eye. The sources said that Sonam is willing to take an active part in promotional activities and advertising Mausam, as it is an important film for her. She has asked the makers of the film to make call whenever there is meeting for marketing and promotion. However, it is said that Shahid is still not in the mood to forgive. All we can do, is to pray that the rivalry between them does not delay the release of the film. As it is expected to be a good movie.

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