Finally Rajnikanth moves out of ICU, he’s fine

After so many reports and speculations over the Superstar RAJNIKANTH’s ill health, Dhanush, Rajni’s son in law has confirmed that the prayer of million fans has finally been heard by God. The superstar who was in ICU for couple of days has finally been moved out of the ICU. Confirming the new he posted a tweet in twitter recently stating “SS in d hospital.he’s rocking.dis pic’s 4 his fans. pls cont ur routine life. don believe rumors. Don do nythin 2 urselves.its 4 dat cause this pic’s put up.I request d media pple 2 post this pic on dailys. Bcos so dat fans will kno dat he is ok and they will be at peace. SUPERSTAR rocks. Thank you all . God bless” He posted this picture to confirm his saying.

Now that the superstar is normal he’s beeb shifted him to the normal ward. Doctors informed that before moving him out of the ICU, extensive tests were carried out and only after confirming that he is doing absolutely fine, he was shifted to the normal ward. Over the past few days several rumors has hit the news channel and also over the net about the ill health of Rajnikanth. Actually the shifting of the superstar to ICU was to protect him from infection. The Tamil industry has expressed grave concern over his health issues as there are many projects which are still in the pipeline.

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