Food and fitness regiments of Shriya Saran and Mugda Godse

Mumbai: Gali Gali Chor Hai is all set to hit the cinema screens. The movie stars Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran and Mugda Godse in the main leads. The film apparently carries the interesting storyline. But let’s wait and see if the movie will be able to entice the viewers?

Well, we learnt that both the leading ladies – Shriya Saran and Mugda Godse fought wars between them on the sets of the movie. And interestingly Akshay Khanna, as per the sources from the sets, thought that the two would turn to big cat fights but nothing of this sort happened between the two pretty ladies. Normally when Bollywood heroines work together in a film, the cat fight is sure to come and starts getting adorned in tabloids, newspapers and the web. But here with Shriya and Mugda, the war was of different kind.

Shriya Saran happens to be a foodie since she belongs to North India. Since she normally works in south and has developed a good taste for various kinds of cuisines whereas Mugda is much diet conscious. Well, Godse belongs to the fashion and modeling world, thus her lifestyle has developed into those lines. On the sets, Shriya ate every now and then and Mugda stopped her not to touch the food.  Shriya was the head of the food regiment and Mugda was the head of the fitness regiment. The war of softly teasing each other continued on the sets between the two ladies, which amused the whole unit out there.

Both could not land into actual war since they had been friends since a long time. Both have been meeting each other at the parties and film or music launchings. This did not turn them to be violent or angry with each other but they did let the unit enjoy with their regiments on the sets.

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