Gaga Going to be The Next Desi Girl!

Bollywood is brand famous world wide. For its impeccably amazing brightness, vigor, color and zest, Bollywood has carved itself a name which goes far beyond the old ‘dancing around the trees’ perception. The latest one to get hit by Bollywood’s flamboyant ways is the very stunning and famous Lady Gaga. At her post Grand Prix performance inDelhi, two months back, Gaga rocked the city with her amazing hits like ‘Caught in a Bad Romance’. Her fans from all overIndiamade sure they are at that show and don’t miss her. She ain’t anyone ordinary. She is simply half a lady and half a Gaga.

Earlier today, while talking to the media, Gaga confirmed her fantasy and long standing wish of working in Bollywood and an Indian film. She had apparently simply grabbed at the opportunity of performing inIndiain late October for the sheer love she has for the place and its people. She was spotted shopping and traveling simply during her last trip to the country. Arjun Rampal, his wife and SRK and his family spent some quality time with Gaga as well.

Gaga was earlier approached by many Indian film makers and producers to work inIndia. Now, as she has come out clean on her intentions of working in Bollywood, too many avenues have opened up for her. She might get a lot ofHollywoodoffers as well. But Gaga has confirmed that this is any way does not affect her music. She is working on new songs and is going to come out with them as soon as they are ready.

To elaborate on what she told the media, she said that at a recent event in Parisshe happened to see a Bollywood movie. It mesmerized and touched her to the extent that she was sure that she wants to work and feature in one as well. The dance, the appearance, the clothes and the theme, everything seemed to have blown her off her mind!

The singer has also offered to give a free concert to India simply because the culture, heritage, people, music and countryside have impressed her beyond wits. She also wants to revise her very popular song Born this way, giving it an unusual introductory with a ‘sitar intro’ and accompanied by beating of the dhols. She plans to work with Bollywood’s topmost music directors Salim Merchant and Suleiman Merchant who are known for their fresh and energetic music which will most definitely compliment Gaga’s style of music.

Gaga is friends with many Bollywood biggies. To begin with, Shah Rukh Khan and his family are extremely close to her. Family friends of SRK, Hrithik Roshan and his wife Susanne are reported to get along well with Lady Gaga too. Arjun Rampal and his wife Mehr who organized the October concert of Lady Gaga in Delhi are now literally like Gaga’s Indian family. She also invited Priyanka Chopra backstage after aNew Yorkgig. With so much desi-ness coming her way, Bollywood is rightly the next Big thing for her.

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