Girl with naked back in Vikram Bhatt’s Hate Story poster

Mumbai: A poster of Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming film ‘Hate Story’ has been released and this poster has really created super buzz in the media and among the masses since the poster is quite hot which reveals the bare back of a super sexy gal. The naked back of the girl has words written on it along with a tattoo and a gun placed. The controversial poster is getting the people curious about the identity of the mysterious lass. The makers of the film are hiding the identity but it has been learnt that she is a model. So, guys, you may make your guesses who this sexy kitten is from the world of modelling?

Bollywood cinema is on way to break the barriers now. There are few filmmakers who still continue with the time and tested formulas to make movies on but there are certain filmmakers in the industry who try to do something different and novel, Vikram Bhatt is among those fewer filmmakers. He is famous for experiments – sometimes his experiments runs successfully and others they fall flat. But the courageous filmmaker keeps going on with his philosophy. This time around again, he is coming up with something novel with Hate Story that is directed by Vivek Agnihotri.

People are becoming super curious now to know about the identity of the model and they really want the filmmaker to let them know who she is? But at the makers’ end, there is a big hush. Well, this silence is the publicity gimmick which they are using to raise the curiosity level for the film. So, guys wait until the identity of the sexy girl is revealed. If any update on this sexy lass or the film comes up, it will be dished out at this space for your knowledge. Let’s hope for the success of this experiment of Vikram Bhatt.

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