Hema Malini declared Person of The Year by PETA

There are many celebrities in Bollywood who speak out for the right of underprivileged sections of the society or for animals. The Dream Girl of Bollywood, the ever beautiful, ravishing and gorgeous Hema Malini is no exception. Over the years she has not only evolved as an actor but also taken a keen interest in the rights for animals. She has never missed an opportunity to speak out for the right of animals in any situation. It is because of her unwavering dedication to this motto, that she has been declared “Person of the Year by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). The choice was a very obvious one and is widely appreciated.

Poorva Joshipura, who is PETA India’s chief functionary said “Hema is the embodiment of the kindness and determination to effect the positive social change that PETA India stands for. She is loved and respected throughout India and beyond, and she has used her prestige time and time again to speak up for all the animals whose abuse and oppression might otherwise go unnoticed” . Therefore according to him, the fact that Hema Malini being such a superstar that she is, has actively promoted the issue of violence against animals has helped the cause. The fact that she had decided to speak up against the mishandling of animals and misbehavior done to them has struck a chord somewhere deep. It has very positively influenced and inspired the common masses to be kind and considerate to the animals both in the jungles and in our very neighborhood.

Her works in the field of animal rights include writing a heartfelt appeal to the Ministry of environment And Forests this year on behalf of PETA India, requesting them to put a ban on “jallikattu” more popularly known as bull fighting. This is a very dangerous game and causes serious injury to the bulls,. Causing harm and pain to the animals only for a mere display of pleasure is very wrong ethically.

Soon after this the aforementioned Ministry issued a notification on the Gazette of India, saying that bulls can no longer be used as “performing animals. Not only this she had also on behalf of PETA India requested for the ban on the plying of cruel and dangerous horse carts in Mumbai. After receiving her letter, the Mumbai High Court came to a very unique decision of cracking down unlicensed stables which supply horses to pull carriages n the market. Thus Hema Malini by virtue of her position has achieved a lot fairly easily for PETA.

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