Heroine’s release in UAE in big trouble due to Kareena’s dialogue

Mumbai: Heroine is Kareena Kapoor’s career’s best movie so far and even the actress herself is terming it the same. Well, it will be decided whether it is actually her career’s best product or an average saga. But one thing is sure that the film has apparent value that is super high. And from the trailer and the posters of the film, it appears the movie has potential to hit the cinema goers’ hearts. Madhur Bhandarkar and Kareena too have been on way to create the big hype of the movie. Interestingly and to their benefit, they are getting successful in their works.

The movie has been high in the air with the tidbits emerging right from the sets. Kareena Kapoor’s steamy bed scene with costar Arjun Rampal adds true sparkles to the film’s value. Rampal shows his excitement for this intimate scene with Kareena. Bebo’s two item songs are being awaited as well.

Heroine’s trailer is out now and has been getting whopping amount of views by the fans. Well, where all this hype exists, the film also got a trouble for the filmmaker. This is what happened that Heroine’s release in UAE might get troubles. Since UAE is the biggest market for Bollywood films as majority of Indians and Pakistani live there who come and watch the movies, this for sure will affect film’s business if film is not releases there.

Due to a certain dialogue in the film, this trouble has landed which annoyed the people in UAE. In the first promo of the movie, in which Kareens Kapoor accuses the media of having predetermined notions about the film actresses by uttering ‘Heroine ne gaadi li toh business man ne gift kiya… aur God forbid Dubai gayi, toh uska rate card ban jaata hai.’

This dialogue did not go well with the people in UAE and hurt their sentiments. Now Madhur will either delete the word Dubai or mute or dubbed with alternative word.

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