Hrithik Roshan to miss playing Holi with family

Mumbai: Holi is celebrated with oomph among the masses. And even in Bollywood films, we witness this festival of colors being celebrated lively. Bollywood celebs too throw Holi bashes to make the part of the liveliness of this festival that brings closeness when people play with colors. The superstar of Bollywood cinema, Hrithik Roshan would not be able to celebrate this festival with his family this time around, as he is much busy with the shooting of Krrish 3 in Hyderabad. Taking time out of the busy schedules seems much busy for the star, so he will not be able to come down to Mumbai.

Roshan feels much responsibility on his shoulders since he is a superstar now and his movies are largely awaited by the masses who expect super high from him. This is the reason that Hrithik has now much involved in his works to make them extra bright. In all this process, he has forgotten the joys of life.

This ambitious project will make Hrithik well engaged even for more few weeks. His sonsHrehaan and Hridaan certainly want to see papa celebrating and throwing colors on them and his wife Suzzanne too wants the same but the star prefers work over other joys and things. The family knows it so they do not disturb him at all.

On Valentine’s Day, Roshan was busy in Hyderabad for the film’s shooting, so she herself went there and celebrated the romantic occasion with him. Hrithik was scheduled to come to Mumbai to attend the grand finale of his best pal Rohit Bal’s Lakme Fashion Week but things could not manage. Thus he did not turn up. Had he come, he would have the opportunity to celebrate Holi with family. We are certainly waiting for Krrish 3, as Hrithik’s utter involvement has created the curiosity for the film.

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