Imran and Avantika on honeymoon trip

Mumbai: The happy newlywed couple Imran Khan and Avantika is all set to go to Thailand on their honeymoon. However the two of them will not be enjoying the trip alone, as they will go with another 50 people, all guests of the couple. Imran and Avantika had made the decision of getting married after they have been dating for over 8 years.

The weeding and the party after took place at the Pali Hill residence of super star Aamir Khan, who is the uncle of the groom. Sources say that after the weeding, Imran arrived at his house with his new wife in a Black Porsche. The residence was decorated in a lovely way, with lots of lights and flowers. As for the ceremony, the two were traditional weeding costumes.

In a recent interview, the Bollywood super star Imran Khan said that he does not feel like he is married for the moment being. He believes he will need more time to get used to this situation. However he wanted to say he is very happy.

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