Imran and Monica Dogra take off their pants for an Ad

Imran Khan and Monica Dogra lost their pants for an ad that aired yesterday. Don’t get any ideas now. IK plays a shy boy next door in the ad while Monica plays a mischievous onlooker at a launderette. Imran and Monica, who debuted with Kiran Rao’s ‘Dhobi Ghat’ recently shot for the first ad in the campaign, which seeks to proclaim the brand transition of a line of products for a leading denim wear company. This is Monica’s debut ad. Monica has also sung the jingle of the advertisement. Imran and Monica shot for a leading denim wear company. The commercial was shot on the sets of a Mumbai studio. In the ad, Khan sees the launderette empty, takes off his jeans and puts it into one of the machines to wash. He sits down in his boxer shorts to read a book. While he waits, he doesn’t notice Monica who’s sitting in a corner, waiting for her washing to get done. But she notices him. She decides to have some fun. She walks past the actor, heads to a vending machine, picks out a magazine. And in all this time, Imran doesn’t even raise his eyes from the book he’s reading. It’s only when he gets up to take his jeans out of the machine does he realise that Monica isn’t wearing any pants, either. What happens next ? We’ll have to wait and watch.

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