Is ‘He..’ Really inspired by ‘Slumdog Millionaire’?

The Indian film industry has a feature unique to any other film industry in the world. Wondering what? Well you sure know that it is capable of making ‘n’ number of movies on the same concept, some stolen from foreign movies whereas others bold enough to steal from home productions. This phenomenon seems to be continuing ever since the evolution of the Indian film industry.

The concept is simple pick up any hit movie, add a couple of songs, few strong dialogues, one item number and  you get the recipe for the perfect Bollywood hit. The latest is coming in from the makers of the Bhojpuri film ‘He..’.

The movie is based on the life of a 13 year old ragpicker based in Bihar. After speculations that the movie has stolen the storyline of the global hit ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ makers are giving statements clarifying that the two movies have nothing in common.

Director Mangesh Joshi seems to be playing the old trick while claiming that the draft of ‘He..’ was ready in 2008 when the Oscar winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ released in 2009.

Directed by Danny Boyle ‘Slumdog’ had won a total of 8 Osars at the 81st Academy Awards. The awards included the ones for best adapted screenplay, cinematography, sound mixing, film editing, original score, original song, direction and motion picture.

Mangesh is adamant that the film has absolutely no similarity with Slumdog. He stated that there is no trace of physical drama in his movie whereas it was at large in Slumdog. The Pune born filmmaker is trying his hand at Bhojpuri cinema for the first time.

‘He..’ it seems is a part of IFFI and centres around the life of Hari. The boy in question here is a slum-dweller from the state of Bihar. The story revolves on how Hari reaches Mumbai and lands a role in a short film. It is a complex understanding of how Hari gets sucked into the darkness of Mumbai. The role of Hari is being played by a 1st year student form Brihan Maharastra College of Commerce, Madan Deodhar.

Joshi also states that he had to make the movie in a regional language and the choice was between Marathi and Bhojpuri but since the protagonist in the script was a Bihari guy he chose Bhojpuri.

Apparently the film which was screened at the feature film category in IFFI has been receiving house full responses. The director also claimed that a few foreign filmmakers actually came up to him to congratulate him on his movie.

Copy or not, we will soon find out but even the controversy of being copied from an Oscar nominated film has bought the film enough fame to last for quite some time.

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