Is ShahRukh aping Rajnikanth?

Both have seen unprecedented success in their respective industries of cinema. For many both ShahRukh Khan and Rajnikanth are no less than God himself. Sometime back Southern Superstar had come up with the super-duper blockbuster ‘Robot’ with Aishwarya Rai as his Co-star.

Now when the promos of ‘Ra One’, starring King Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal among others, have been released people have not stopped comparing them to those of Rajni’s film ‘Robot/Endhiran’. The polished rushes are being compared to any film of Rajni’s and ShahRukh’s super-hero act is being specifically compared to that of Rajni in ‘Robot’.

Allegedly when ‘Robot’ was released ShahRukh had a meeting with his creative team and wanted them to set ‘Endhiran’ as their standards to improve upon. A source completely rubbishes these rumours. He says “It’s silly of anyone to compare SRK and Rajni. The similarities end at the genre of cinema. Ra.One is a sci-fi superhero film, Robot was similar. However, the storylines are different, and Ra.One is as competent a film, and SRK is a good actor. A superhero will be stronger, faster and do the impossible. That’s what SRK is doing in Ra.One, that’s what Rajinikanth has done in Robot!”


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