Jaaved Jaaffrey to turn producer

Mumbai: After having co financed a documentary based on football, which as you can remember was banned by the censor board, Jaaved Jaffrey has made the decision to turn a feature movie producer and told that his maiden venture will not be a film on dance or a comedy. In a recent interview, Jaaved said “I intend to produce soon but right now I can’t talk about it in detail since it’s in the initial stages. All I can say that my first film will be a serious film and I won’t direct it.”

He also added that “I have consciously decided to stay away from comedy, at least in the first film, because I want to explore more genres. I don’t want to get stuck with just one thing.” The actor turned producer has also co produced the documentary project ‘Inshallah, Football’ which presents the story of a team captain from Kashmir who cannot get a visa.
“The topic was wonderful. It featured an Argentinian-Brazilian husband-wife, based in Srinagar, who teaches football to a group of Kashmiri kids. They have been there for four years with their daughters, who go to a Kashmiri school, and they are training these Kashmiri children. The story revolves around the captain of that football team, who is not getting a passport because his father is an ex-militant,” he added.

As you may know, Jaaved Jaaffrey is very famous for his knowledge in the dance domain – he was even judge in the reality show ‘Boogie Woogie’ – has told reporters that he intends to make a film on dance someday. The actor turned director said that really believes that he will be quite good at this. But for the time being, Jaaved is wating for the release of his forthcoming movie production ‘Double Dhamaal’, directed by Inder Kumar.

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