John Abraham learns Marathi

John Abraham, Bollywood’s hot action hunk is becoming a Don in his new venture ‘Shoot Out at Wadala’. He is already working on his physique to resemble real life slain Don Manya Surve. Apart from that he is also becoming a student in order to hone his Marathi speaking skills. Tutor for John Abraham happens to be friend of director Sanjay Gupta. He is none other than actor and film maker Mahesh Manjrekar. John Abraham is venturing in all this since he wants to be realistic in his role as Manya Surve spoke in chaste Marathi. Sanjay Gupta director confirms the news saying “Yes, Mahesh is going to help us out. So, he will meet John a few times, by the end of the month to discuss the nitty-gritties of Marathi. We are keeping their interactions at the end of February since the film goes on floors on March 1. So, things will be fresh in John’s mind by the time the first schedule kicks off,”

Sanjay who shot into fame with ‘Kaante’ in 2002 is very particular that John become an expert in the nuances of the language telling “Till date, he has never used rough language in his films. I want him to have the basic knowledge of the colloquial Marathi as it will help him grasp the minute details of his character,”  John Abraham’s ‘Shoot Out at Wadala’ is a sequel for earlier hit film ‘Shoot Our at Lokhandwala’ of 2007. Mahesh Manjrekar apart from becoming the tutor of John Abraham is also starring in the film. Gupta confirming the news says  “I have asked Mahesh to choose a role for himself. Mahesh and I go back a long way, from Kaante to Dus Kahaniyaan (2007). So, I want the association to continue with Shootout At Wadala too. Plus, he is a superb actor. So, he will also be a part of the film for sure,”

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