John Abraham walks out of jail after getting bail by Bombay court

Bollywood heart throb John Abraham had been taken into police custody earlier today after a local court turned down his plea for bail in association with a case of 2006 rash driving. John had been involved in a case of rash motorcycle driving in 2006 which had caused injuries to two pedestrians.

The ‘Desi Boyz’ actor sought bail with a Bombay court today. Fortunately for him, the Bombay court has granted him bail against a bond of Rs 20,000. In case, he had not got the bail, he would have been required to spend the night behind bars. After all, the law does not, or should not, discriminate between commoners & celebs.

In 2006, John had accidentally hit two people causing them physical injuries. His bike had skidded and collided against two hapless youths. It wasn’t a hit & run case, though, since the actor had taken them to hospital. But he was charged with rash driving and sentenced to an imprisonment of 15 days by the local court in 2010.

This afternoon, John was taken to custody and there was a concern that he will have to pass the night behind bars in case Bombay court doesn’t grant him the customary bail. However, after paying a heavy bond of Rs 20,000, he got away with it and has now got liberty. The man charged with negligent driving, now walks free.

The point in his favour is that he has abided by all the legal regulations post the accident. He has attended all the hearings and complied with all legal proceedings. Besides, despite driving rashly, he had the sense to rush his victims to a nearby hospital. Had it been a hit & run case, he may not have got away with a bail so easily.


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