John Abraham wants to donate his sperms

Mumbai: Male sperm donation is what is quite popular and in use in the entire world and in India it is still a taboo. But the Bollywood actor John Abraham has started voicing about this issue in the country. He has come up for the support of sperm donation. He wants to raise the awareness of the matter in the country. In his support, many personalities of entertainment have stood up.

Well, behind John’s talking big about the male sperm donations is his upcoming movie ‘Vicky Donor’ that talks about the same subject. John says in an interview that he utterly believes in sperm donation since he thinks it is a vital topic to be addressed on larger scale in India. He goes on saying that there are more than fifty percent of childless couples in the country thus this topic becomes a vital need to be talked about on big platform. He then announces that he would certainly donate his sperm for a social cause.

Ayushman Khurana, who is making his debut in this flick, says that it is the right time to speak about the matter as male infertility is on the rise and a change in mindset is quite essential now. He adds that around the globe, it is the topic which is largely discussed and people are aware of it. Male sperm donation is quite in use out in the world but in India this issue still acts as a taboo. He then quotes an example of a stylist couple who demanded the sperms of an IITian.

Ranvijay Singh, the VJ turned actor, too supports John Abraham and says he utterly agrees with what John has raised. He uttered that he had to make people aware of it since there was nothing wrong in it.

Onir, the famed filmmaker, too supports John and says that if donating sperms helps creating new life, then why not?

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