John Abraham’s connections with LTTE

Bollywood hot hunk John Abraham was found having connections with dreaded terrorist outfit LTTE who fought for separate tamil elam in Sri Lanka. Headed by Late Prabhakaran, the outfit was famous for guerrilla war fare and had their own air base and army. They eliminated many top politicians in Sri Lanka and even former PM Rajiv Gandhi in India. Buzz is John Abraham after hot bomb Bipasha deserted him, joined in LTTE. He will be starring in a film titled ‘Jaffna’, which is a political thriller about LTTE activities in Sri Lanka. Many in bollywood thought he has bid good bye to experimental flicks when he met with little success with “No Smoking” and “Kabul Express”, But John is continuing his tryst with creative scripts. Shoojit Sircar will be directing the film with John himself co producing the film.

Speaking about the film Shoojit said “John is a politically aware actor. He reads the newspaper every morning, knows what’s going on in the world. He is clued in to the dynamics of the separatist strife in Sri Lanka. The minute I told him about my film ‘Jaffna’, he was on board,”. He further added “I am no stranger to themes of separatism and extremist violence. My first film ‘Yahaan’ was about Kashmiri separatism. And now ‘Jaffna’ would be carrying the theme of extremism to another extreme,” . Renowned director Maniratnam touched upon LTTE cause and the plight of tamilians in Srilanka in his filmĀ  “Kannathil Muttumital” with R. Madhavan, Simran in the lead. “But that was a love story set against the LTTE backdrop. My film is a political thriller,” asserts Sircar. He does not want to reveal anything about the project at present but said John Abraham should put in lot of effort and hard work for this thrilling political adventure.

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