Juhi Chawla worried about her brother

New Delhi: The well liked and beautiful Bollywood super star Juhi Chawla is having a rough period these days. The reasons behind these worries of the actress are related to her older brother, Bobby who has had several problems this year. He is currently in a coma, after the past year he has suffered a stroke.

“I have come to the Ambani hospital after four months to meet a doctor… But I just have not the nerve to go see my brother (sic),” Juhi wrote on the social networking site Twitter. The actress also wanted to add that “My brother is still up here in the ICU … I’m sitting in the prayer room downstairs. I’d cried and cried… Several times here, begging for my brother to be revived, but he’s still here, in a sad state and I’m so scared to see him, I don’t go.”

As you may know, Juhi Chawla’s brother, Bobby, was the head of Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, were he was a CEO. The actress continue to say that “I see the pictures of all these Gods on the wall here, for months I cried and lit lamps and begged and pleaded…ran pillar to post…Whyyyyy no mercy???? If not for me… For my brother…my brother is a sweetheart… Honest to a fault ..selfless …loyal …fun loving.”

“A friends friend …I cannot say enough good things about him …. Whhhyyy him ??!!!! And if God wants why doesn’t he take him away … Why leave him hanging between life and death … Unfair life !!!!!!!”

We really hope that Juhi’s brother will recover soon from his illness and be the same as before. We are sure that all his fans as well as the other celebrities from the film industry of tinsel town hope for the same fast recovery.

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