Kajol’s mom Tanuja in limelight for all the wrong reasons

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kajol and Tanisha’s mother Tanuja grabbed the media attention due to her misbehavior at the Hakkasan restaurant in Mumbai. She was over drunk and had no clue whatsoever about the way she was behaving in the restaurant.

Sources have revealed that Tanuja along with her younger daughter Tanisha went for a dinner at a fancy restaurant in Bandra on Tuesday. After finishing their dinner, Tanuja asked the waiter to pack the left-over food. As it was against the policy of the restaurant the waiter declined and as Tanuja was drunk, she couldn’t take it and started abusing the waiter. After which the COO of Hakkasan Mumbai, Ajay Beri came forward to settle down the matter. He tried to explain Kajol’s mom Tanuja in a polite way that packing the extra food was against the policy of the restaurant and so they would have to decline her request. But Tanuja was apparently so drunk that she wasn’t willing to listen to him, meanwhile Tanisha, Kajol’s younger sister who was equally drunk went up to the reception. She then went ahead and broke one of the award trophies and she even threw the left-over food on the floor.

However, Kajol’s mom Tanuja has her own side of the story and isn’t willing to accept her misbehavior instead she is blaming the staff of the Hakkasan restaurant and saying that they misbehaved with her and daughter Tanisha.

To add to this, Tanuja was recently seen smoking at a charity function. As they say any kind of publicity is good publicity so maybe all this too is a publicity stunt by Tanuja to gain back her lost fame as she will soon be seen sharing the big screen with her star daughter Kajol almost after a gap of 18 years.

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