Kangana Ranaut is very angry with Asin

It looks like catfight will never stop in Bollywood owing to cut-throat competition among the young actresses. Its an old culture of Bollywood that two actresses can’t be friends if they are good friends with one particular man. Kangana and Asin both have worked with Salman Khan, now Asin is making Kangana angry. But this time, not competition, but the foul mouth that has made Kangana Ranaut and Asin Thotumkal sworn enemies. It is said that the former is angry with the latter to spread false stories about her and the actor Salman Khan. Rumours are doing the rounds that Kangana and Salman are more than just good friends. And Kangana thinks that Asin, who is also close to the actor, is responsible for spreading false stories about them. She thinks that the Ready heroine is trying to break their friendship by creating her own imaginative stories. We don’t know if Kangana’s allegations are true but the fact is that she has been bonding with Salman like never before.

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