Kangna Ranaut comes out with her English boyfriend

Mumbai: Kangna Ranaut’s UK based beau has come into the picture now. Yes, he is a England based doctor named Nicholas Lafferty, who is currently in India to spend the quality time and holidays with his girlfriend Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut. Reportedly he is on a month-long tour to India and he has bigger plans to be with his babe throughout the holidays. The sources also say that Kangna will be shooting less and spending more time with her doctor beau. And the holidaying period has already started off in Mumbai.

On Friday, both stepped out of a suburban café in Pali Hill in Mumbai. Nicholas was holding Kangna’s arm very romantically. The sources claim that both have been dating for over a year now. Nicholas has during this time visited India for few times also to spend time with his babe. Since he happens to be a doctor, he gets busy all the time thus whenever he finds a time either he makes the planning to visit India or Kangna goes to London and they both enjoy the quality time together.

The sources also reveal that till now only the family members of Kangna and her close friends knew Nicholas’ visits to India and they knew that they both were dating but now the couple planned to disclose their relationship, which was why they both came in public.

Kangna too admits that it really feels superb spending time with Nicholas. She adds that she has bigger plans to make Nicholas holiday special in India.

These days Kangna Ranaut’s film career is not good and she has to concentrate on her career as well. She also does not share good rapport with the biggies of the trade. This might turn harmful. So it is better to play the cards safe for her film career. As far as the personal life is concerned, she better knows how to deal with it.

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