Kangna Ranaut to match up dancing with Madhuri Dixit

Mumbai: Madhuri Dixit has been signed by Vishal Bhardwaj’s Dedh Ishqiya, the sequel to the box office successful ‘Ishqiya’. But now the latest is that Kangna Ranaut who plays the friend of Madhuri in the sequel, has to match up the dancing steps with the maestro of dancing Ms. Dixit. The film is now set in Lucknow as the director Abhishek Choubhay has changed the ambiance.

Obviously it will not be that easy for the curvaceous babe Kangna to match up the dancing steps with the like of Madhuri but she will try to make the attempts and work hard to do it. In this film, it is said that Madhuri has to do a lot of dancing and Kangana has to join in her as being her close pal in the movie. Abhishek has reportedly asked Ranaut to brush up her dancing expertise.

These two ravishing babes will be wooed by the two males – uncle and his nephew (Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi). Abhishek tells that the initial idea for the sequel was to place Naseer and Arshad in utter different characters but since he was bound to make the sequel, which happens to be the extension of the original, he had to go with their same characterization. But the director has changed the ambiance of the movie and injected the Muslim social idea in the narrative. The film will now be based in Lucknow and the director will be focusing on the old Nawabi style and civilization of old Lucknow Muslims.

The sequel would be super interesting and alluring for the audiences and the director is sure of good content.  Well, the leading cast is pretty excited for the movie and its script. Let’s now wait for the release and see if Madhuri’s comeback happens good or just will vanish away like Aaja Nachlaye.

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