Karan Johar gifts a lavish Ferrrai worth 2.25 crores to Katrina Kaif

Mumbai: Karan Johar is on cloud nine these days same as Katrina Kaif is because of the success of the item number ‘Chikini Chameli’ (from the movie Agneepath). Well, the reason behind Johar’s utter excitement is that the song has been on way to generate much oomph for the film and the whole media and the web is abuzz with praise of the number. And we learnt that Katrina did not even charge any money for the song. This impressed Johar a lot. And now as the song has turned so much popular and the entire world is singing praises for the same in particular for the super sex bomb Katrina Kaif, Karan has now gifted a Ferrari to Katrina out of sheer excitement.

The lavish vehicle’s price in the market is around Indian Rs. 2.25 crores (even more than that). Well, a luxurious gift, Kat got! It is not new in Bollywood that the producers of the films gifted the lavish vehicles to the stars and the crew members rather most recently Shah Rukh Khan (reportedly) gifted BMW cars to the leading cast and the director of Ra.One and he even gifted one to superstar Rajnikanth as well, as he made a special appearance in Ra.One.

Few years back, Shah Rukh had also gifted (as per reports) Farah Khan Mercedes Benz when Om Shanti Om turned blockbuster.

Vidu Vinod Chopra gifted (reportedly) Amitabh Bachchan a limousine when Bachchan did not charge a penny for working in Eklavya.

Thus this is not new that the producers gifts the lavish vehicles to the stars when they do not charge fees for the tasks or even they charge nonetheless producers gift them the luxurious cars out of excitement for the success of the films. This is no doubt a good sign to get others happy – if others are happy, they will confer you with good performances. After all it is a business – give and take!

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