Karan Johar trying to bring Shah Rukh and Salman Khan together

Mumbai: Karan Johar, the leading filmmaker rather the A-List filmmaker of Bollywood trade, has been going on super successful since long as his movies have been getting good success and business at the box office. Karan Johar is turning 40 on May 25th and he has planned to throw a lavish birthday bash for his friends. There are number of rumors making the rounds about the possible reunion of the two rival Khans – Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan.

Well, Karan has given the responsibility of making the entire arrangements of his birthday party to his friend designer Manish Malhotra. Manish is doing supremely great to make the party super lavish. It has been learnt that Manish is going to give the black trademark to the party. It is said that this would be a black formal bash for Karan’s 40th birthday.

Karan and Manish want this party to be the memorable one for his friends and the guests. It will be thrown at a five star hotel in Bandra, Mumbai. Karan Johar is these days on very good trems with Salman Khan and Karan is already very close friend of Shah Rukh Khan rather there are family terms with SRK.  Karan now wants Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan to be friends again leaving their arch rivalry aside. Thus the sources reveal that the efforts and on way from Karan and Manish and this birthday bash of Karan might bring the friendship days of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan back.

SRK and Salman’s rivalry have ignited at the birthday bash of Katrina Kaif, Salman’s ex-lover few years back where a brawl between the two Khans happened and the close pals intervened to overcome the matter.

We wish that these tow Khans become good friends once again and Karan Arjun days come back.

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