Karan Mehta and Srishti Sharma’s Love Possible to release on 16th March

Mumbai: Karan Mehta and Srishti Sharma’s upcoming Love Possible is on way to create the ripples in the media. The film has been directed by the debutante J H Nakra. The film is all set now to hit the screens and on 16th March it will be in theatres for the viewers’ pleasures. Although Karan is not much known face in industry but he has shown his talents in the films like ‘No One Killed Jessica’ (opposite Rani Mukherjee) and Drona (along with Abhishek Bachchan).  In Love Possible, Karan has finally obtained a chance to showcase his skills as a leading hero. He plays the main lead opposite Shrishti Sharma.

The film is a rom com and laced with a fresh cast. It is a fresh breeze to inhale for the soothing pleasures. J H Nakra is a successful businessman, who directs this flick. He always wanted to direct a film so with this film, he thinks he will get his mark in the fraternity with conviction. Those, who got a chance to see this film, are found praising for the skills of the director. Well, the audience will judge when the film will be out in theatres. The quality of the director and the movie too will be screened upon the release.

The movie is a romantic drama between two professionals – who go well in life and relationship until one day they get victimized by a small misunderstanding which upsets their relationship. The director, who is new to Bollywood also, has plans to showcase the talents in his upcoming films. He now has plans to produce four other films with known faces of the industry in this ongoing year. He is certain that his works would be acknowledged by the audiences. Lets wait and see his first work upon release of Love Possible.

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