Kareena denies rumor of break-up from her blue-eyed boy Saif

The hot Kapoor babe Kareena says people are very jealous her happy association with Saif and spread such baseless rumors.

­­­­The Bollywood queen denies any truth behind such claims and emphasizes that the two are h happy being with each other and can not even think anything negative about their relationship.

The hot actress who is called as original ‘Desi girl’ by Bollyhood hero Salman Khan has always been amidst rumors since her sudden break-up with chocolaty Shahid Kapoor. Her four-year old relation with chhote Nawab Saif Ali Khan has been a matter of jealousy among people in the tinsel town, Kareena explained and called all the rumors ‘baseless.’

She goes on talking about how people in Mumbai usually become conspicuous if any relationship goes well without any hassles. The actress said she and Saif are currently enjoying best phase of their professional lives and want to concentrate more on that aspect. This actually gives no room for people who love gossips and this is why they are spreading false news in media.

Kareena said she was not hurt or agonized but definitely, these rumors disturb and affect her.

The Bollywood diva also pointed out on the effect of these rumors over the two families associated. Kareena said she never wants to mix up personal life with professional life but being from show business she and her boyfriend can not avoid it completely. However, she stressed on her right for not giving any explanation or keeps mum if asked any question related to her life behind camera.

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