Kareena is New Item

Kareena Kapoor is a ravishing star in bollywood and many fell for her sizzling and shining eternal beauty. When bombs are blasting bollywood with item numbers,Kareena feels that she should do something. She exploded in her own way in ‘Chammak Challo’ and is keen on showing her rivals that she is the queen of item bombs. She is already sending fire with her item song ‘Dil Mera Muft Hai’ and many feel it is a ode to his lover boy Saif Ali Khan. For the first time in her entire career she is performing Mujra in ‘Agent Vinod’.

Bebo shot for the song non stop for 22 hours till 6AM with top choreographer Saroj Khan teaching her Kathak. Manish Malhotra was busy designing her costumes for the song. Lyrics of the song are already at hit with netizens. The scintillating song goes on ‘Fenke Nazar Ke Sikke Usne… Bik Gayi Hoo Main,’. Kareena is hot in this song with many betting that the song will beat ‘chikni chameli’. One has to wait for sometime to gauge the popularity of the song.

Her boyfriend Saifi is overjoyed with Kareena’s beauty and he says  “We have experimented with a different style of direction and music. And hopefully will start a trend with it. We haven’t seen a mujra in films since a long time,”. Hearing rumors that film makers approached Priyanka Chopra for the song but she refused,Saif remarked We were considering an item song with a big heroine but realised it was not required when we reached the shooting part after the scripting.”.

Analysts feel pretty beauty Priyanka’s loss might have been Kareena’s gain. Saif is taking his film ‘Agent Vinod’ prestigiously and is keen on making it an Indian James Bond with sequels in mind. He already started working on scripts for sequels.

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