Kareena Kapoor and Madhur Bhandarkar play Holi

Mumbai: Heroine has already become a famed product among the cinegoers prior to the release. Even the shooting is going on and the movie is getting popular and popular day by day. This soothes the producer and director and even the cast of the film. Well, this is the sign of upcoming success. Besides Madhur’s movies are the symbol of success since he is famous for making hits. This is the reason that every actor and actress want to work with this luminous filmmaker. And this was the obvious reason that the like of Aishwarya Rai had said ‘yes’ to Heroine and then sensing Madhur’s fame for making hits, Kareena too stepped into the project.

Today is Holi – the festival of colors and the masses are celebrating the festival with colors and gusto. Bollywood celebs are not behind – they too are equipped with colors in hands and they are spraying them on each other at various parties specially arranged for Holi.

Heroine’s cast and crew too came up to celebrate the festival of colors. Madhur Bhandarkar and Kareena Kapoor both celebrated Holi in style. The two put colors on each other. Kareena was looking damn gorgeous and stylish and post playing Holi, she was filled with various amounts of colors all over her body. The same was the case with the filmmaker – he too was having colors all over her physique.

The second spell of Heroine’s shooting has started off and even Kareena recorded a steamy bed scene with Arjun Rampal at a five star hotel in the presence of few crew members. The shooting of the film is going on rapidly and it is being expected that soon the shooting would be over. Once the shooting is done, the release date would be announced by Madhur Bhandarkar. The film is being awaited since the subject matter is quite interesting.

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