Kareena Kapoor gives tag ‘size zero’ to Karishma Kapoor

Mumbai: We have been hearing a lot about the size zero and this term was actually made into public due to Kareena Kapoor who hogged the limelight slipping into size zero and everyone started using ‘size zero’ terminology in the entertainment industry and media. Well, Kareena got the size zero body structure in those days when she was doing the film ‘Tashan’. Now this tag has been conferred to her elder sister Lolo (Karishma Kapoor).

Kareena’s size zero made really bigger waves in the media and among the masses all over the world. It emerged as a fashion statement and every girl tried following the same. The talks were going on and the write ups were busy mentioning Kareena’s size zero. It was her trademark and she looked damn beautiful and sexy in this size.

But despite the size zero, this girl happens to be a true foodie who loves eating all sorts of food. Kapoor girl mentions that she cannot starve at all. She was at the book launch of the dietician Rujuta Divekar where she revealed that being a Punjabi she could not take away her eyes off the food rather she justified with all kinds of food. Kareena also mentioned that she loved eating parathas.

Vey casually speaking to the media, she said that her daily diet included potato parathas. Kareena is so fond of parathas that she cannot live without them. She revealed that she even could not leave the junk food and parathas when she was shooting for Tashan in which she was required to have very slim body.

Karishma Kapoor was also there at the occasion thus Kareena uttered ‘now the tag of size zero is for my elder sister Karishma Kapoor who is quite slim these days’.

Karishma told the media there that if the girls liked becoming Kareena they should eat like her.

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