Karishma Kapoor says strict ‘no’ to intimacy with co-stars

Mumbai: Karishma Kapoor, who once ruled the scene becoming the most sought after Bollywood babe and she is the one Kapoor girl who broke the barriers of the women of Kapoor Khandaan to enter into the filmdom, is now making her comeback in movies with Vikram Bhatt’s Dangerous Ishq. Although today she does not have that status which she used to enjoy a decade back. Post her marriage, she left the films but nonetheless made her comeback around six years back with Akshay Kumar in the film ‘Mere Jeevan Saathi’. The film flopped at the box office and she could not ignite any oomph for her fans and among the filmmakers.

But she was seen on TV shows judging and making the appearances. Last year she made the announcement that she was returning to the films with Vikram Bhatt’s erotic thriller Dangerous Ishq.

Karishma, who used to be signed with the big leads of the heroes, was signed opposite the low profile and newcomers in the industry. Well, this happens when you are away from the scene and lost your worth.

Once bold, Karishma Kapoor, has now strictly said ‘no’ to any intimate scene with any of her co-stars in the film. As per reports, Kapoor gal told Bhatt the same and in her contract, she mentioned that she would not go for any kind of intimacy with the co-stars in the film.

Vikram Bhatt denied having any kind of this clause in the contract. But Ravi Kissen, her co-star in the film, tells that he essays the role of a passionate lover of Karishma but all has been done with distance in place. After all she is Karishma Kapoor and we all have to maintain her status.

The film is an erotic thriller and carries the bold subject with lots of intimacy but how can the Kapoor girl avoid her from this? Let’s see in the picture upon release.

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