Karishma Kapoor talks about her comeback to movies

Mumbai: Karishma Kapoor, who was the top notch actress of the 90s and early 2000, left the movies post her marriage in 2003. Now this babe, who is called Lolo in her family with love, is making her comeback with a supernatural flick ‘Dangerous Ishq’. The film is produced by Vikram Bhatt and Karishma is playing the main lead rather the film revolves around her utterly, as it is a woman-centric movie.

Karishma says that she is ‘nervously excited’ for the film’s release. On her return to movies, the babe has her say ‘she is coming back to films just because acting is her love’. Kapoor gal goes on mentioning that she did not want anything else except acting for her comeback and with the Grace of God, she was offered the job. She points out that with the help of God she had a great acting career and she left it when she was on the peak of film career. She left the glittering world of entertainment for her family (husband and kids) and now again she is making her comeback, after a long hiatus, just because of her family (kids).

Karishma has also filed for divorce from her husband. After the birth of her daughter, the rift between the two started appearing but it got resolved by the efforts of two and the families. Post the birth of son in 2010, the rift again started happening since Sanjay Kapur (Karishma’s husband) was not stopping his habits of having extra-marital affairs. How far a woman could manage with this kind of habits where the other women are involved in a relationship? Thus the break up happened and now the actress has filed for divorce.

Karishma says that her kids are big enough to understand that her mother is an actress and she does this job. So, now she can easily continue with the acting tasks.

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