Konkana Sen Sharma and Ranvir Shorey to split up

We hear Konkona Sen Sharma and her husband Ranvir Shorey are going to head for a divorce very soon. Their marital relationship is beyond repair, and thus they have taken the decision to split away. In a recent event, both were seen separately arriving at the event, and they even sat far away from one another. When Ranvir was asked why are they maintaining a distance, he snapped that both of them are not conjoined twins so can sit separately.

But right now, we guess differences which cant be reconciled has cropped up in between Konkana and Ranvir. This March, they became the proud parents of their first child Haroon too. Konkana was heard saying to some of her close friends that she wants to get a divorce. Konkana tried hard to reconcile with her hubby, but nothing is working out in between them. Konkana cant go beyond a certain limit, and right now, both of them behave like chalk and cheese, and so its very natural that the pair can no longer live under the same roof.

A close source divulged, that Ranvir Shorey is not a great man to live with, however the actress tried her best to adjust with all problems till date, and wanted to be in the relationship. Konkana’s friend say that she has still not given up hopes completely, and is making a final try to live with Ranvir. It was in 2007, Konkana started dating Ranvir, and in 2010 they got married privately on September 3rd. And in 2012 March, Konkana gave birth to Haroon in a hospital in the South of Mumbai.

Konkana debuted in the Hindi movie “Indira” way back in 1983 when she was a child. However it was the English movie “Mr and Mrs Iyer” in 2002, an English flick, with which Konkana rose to fame. Some of her popular flicks include “Page 3”, “Omkara”, “Traffic Signal”, “Life In A…Metro”, “Wake Up Sid”.


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