Kristen Stewart wants to work with Hrithik Roshan

Mumbai: Hollywood’s most gorgeous and brilliant actress with innocent beauty Kristen Stewart has expressed her desire to work with Bollywood giant Hrithik Roshan in an interview. She says that the actor is much good looking and she would love to work with him in a Bollywood movie.

She says that if she is offered a strapping script and the hero in the movie is Hrithik Roshan, there would not be any excuse to refuse the movie instead she would instantly say ‘yes’ to the film. Kristen praises Hrithik a lot terming him a good actor and a good looking man.

She even goes on saying that if she has a boy, she would like him to look like Hrithik Roshan but with blessed with Rob’s eyes. The rumors made the rounds of the media around two years back that Indian filmmaker of international repute Shekhar Kapur wanted to cast Kristen Stewart opposite Hrithik Roshan in his movie ‘Paani’. But that did not happen.

Krisetn shot to limelight with her film ‘Twilight’ and its sequel ‘The Twilight Saga’. Since then she has been in the sky of fame and today has the biggest fan following in the entire world.

On the other hand, we have learnt that Sonam Kapoor says that she never ever takes her seriously. She mentions that whatever she says in the media is misinterpreted all the time. Kapoor reveals that often it happens that her statements are taken with other meanings but she never take them seriously rather they amuse her. Sonam is currently working with Dhanush in a film. Dhanush is a south sensation and last year, he enticed the whole world with his song, ‘Kolaveri Di’. All eyes are now on Sonam’s pairing with Dhanush. Well, soon the movie will be out and the viewers will be able to see the pairing on screen.

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