Kunal Kohli adopts a baby girl named ‘Radha’

Happy happy time for filmmaker Kunal Kohli. He is on seventh heaven these days, not only because he is shooting for his new film with Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra but the main reason for his bundle of joy, is his seven-month old daughter ‘Radha’. Kunal Kapoor’s family is complete now. Kunal and his wife Raveena have just adopted a baby girl and the process may have been a little long, but it was worth it. “In fact it’s a very good thing that it takes time. It should not be easy because then people could misuse it,” says Kunal. “The organization looks into your background, your values, etc. because they want the child to be in a happy and secure environment,” he adds.

Kunal and Raveena has been married for the last 12 years and was planning to adopt a baby for quite sometime. Seven months old Radha filled their life with joy. “We were planning on adopting for a while now. Finally, it’s happened. Raveena has taken a maternity break from work. The whole family is excited, my parents, friends… everyone. My daughter has brought about a family reunion. My sister specially flew down from the US to help us settle in. Raveena’s brother too has come down to be with us. It feels so good,” says Kunal, who will soon get busy with his film.

Kunal Kohli tweeted, “Yes, lil baby Radha has made our family complete”.

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