L.A designer scissors Sarah Jane Dias’ top live in Pune

Pune: Sarah Jane Dias is the top hot model-actress of Bollywood arena. Her hotness and sex appeal is what fans are crazy for. She is liked and loved by the fans for obvious reason of being supremely sexy and she was recently made extra sexy by an L.A. based stylish Adam Saaks in Pune.

Pune Fashion Week went on fabulously and glitteringly and on the last day of the Fashion Week, Adam Saaks came on stage and simply wowed the audience out there with his marvelous and creative skills of designing. He took the scissor and cut off Sarah’s top in a way that it emerged as an eye-pleasingly wonderful designer’s work.

Adam, who is also famous as Mr. Scissorhands due to his creative skills of scissoring the outfits live before the audiences, showed off his dexterity live there on Sarah when she hit the ramp being dressed in a pink-silver lehenga and a yellow T-shirt. Adam Saaks just took out his scissor and simply and quickly sheared the top in a pattern that it ended up being a zany top. It was looking classically beautiful.

It is to be noted that it is not the first time that this creative stylist has done this work live before the audience rather he has done this for many times previously as well. He always get applauded for his dexterous job by the people. In Pune at the show, the audiences’ reaction was from disbelief to ecstasy when Adam finished off his work on Sarah’s T-Shirt.

Well, Sarah should be commended too since she did not even worry about a minute during the scissoring because if the designer’s hand shook a bit, she could witness the wardrobe malfunction. She showed her confidence in the artist’s abilities and he flaunted it off aptly. Wow! Was the reaction from the audiences out there.

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