Lara Dutta delivers baby girl

Mumbai: Lara Dutta, 33 years old bollywood actress, has delivered a baby girl earlier today. The news was announced none other than by her hubby Mahesh Bhupathi. Mahesh, the super excited father, declared the happy news on twitter to his fans.

The moment, the fans of Mahesh and Lara got to know, they started tossing on the congratulatory messages to him and for Lara. The fans of Lara Dutta on twitter as well have been sending her congrats messages. Since she is unable to log in to micro blogging site today post the delivery of the baby, she will surely respond the tweets by fans once she hits the space.

Lara has been well in news after announcing her pregnancy. She even did not sit at home rather attended all the events lively. She is the one actress who did not hide her baby bump under clothes wraps rather she showed it off to the masses wearing the tight clothes. Her baby shower was the biggest event which hogged the limelight.

It is the first baby for both Lara and Mahesh, who both are supremely happy post the birth of the girl. They say that they are proud parents of the baby girl.

Well, now wait and see what name is given to this little Lara Dutta? Since Aishwarya Rai still has not given the name to her daughter (and she is being called Beti B in the media) and huge time has passed after the birth, let’s see whether Lara too takes time like Bachchans or she will be quick like Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao who were quick to name their son.

It’s weird! What has been stopping Bachchans to name the little kid? Why they are taking so much time to just name a kid? Guess, they are pretty superstitious!

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