Lara Dutta to return to films post baby’s birth

Mumbai: Lara Dutt, the Bollywood babe who married last year to the ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupatti and then gave birth to daughter Saira in January this year, has said that she is going to sign a film in a day or two. She says that the actresses with kids need not to sit idle at home rather they step out and continue acting as usual.

Dutta utters that today is modern time and everything is changed. This is not the era when the actresses’ career used to be deadlock once they were married and produced kids. There is nothing of this sort and the whole scenario is changed now. Lara Dutta says that today the actresses get married in young age even at the peak of their careers and produce babies above all later they continue with the business of acting.

Well, she is right today is the time when the audiences do not have any concern about their marital status etc, if they act well and look gorgeous, they accept them as they do with the single actresses.

Lara Dutta also reveals that she is also going to begin with her production but first she will do an acting job then switch her focus on production. Lara mentions that she will be doing films keeping in mind her daughter Saira’s welfare. She will have to go for morning or day’s shifts than doing night shifts. Lara wants to give much time to her daughter and tat is the good thing. Aishwarya Rai too is all set to return to movies after delivering daughter. Celina Jaitley too reveals the same.

Lara has also launched her DVD – Parental Yoga with Lara Dutta recently. Lara’s fans will be happy after listening the news of her return to movies. She will make the announcement of the film once she signs it.

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