Lata Mangeshkar says Shah Rukh Khan detained due to his surname

Mumbai: Lata Mangeshkar has said in an interview that Shah Rukh Khan might have detained at the US airports for the second time due to his surname. Shah Rukh got detained at New York Airport on Thursday for two hours and after the Yale University officials stepped into the matter, he was freed from there. Shah Rukh’s detention raised outrage in India.

Lata was there to announce the winners’ names of this year’s Master Deenanath Mangeshkar Awards. The media persons asked Lata to comment on the detention of Khan at New York Airport. She responded to them saying that what she should say…the airport authorities might have detained him due to the terrorist attacks being done in the U.S. and these attacks may have made them suspicious. The authorities may have detained him due to his surname.

Then Lata Ji added that since Shah Rukh Khan had turned slim, the U.S. authorities might not have recognized him (she joked). When asked the 82-year-old singer whether she would be going to award her favorite cricketer Sachin Tendulkar this distinction, she revealed that this year he was not nominated and she would try next year.

The 82-year-old legendary singer last evening announced the winners for this year’s Master Deenanath Mangeshkar award.

Madhuri Dixit is among the winners of this award and she would receive the distinction. Lata was much filled with praises about Madhuri.

She says that Madhuri Dixit is a brilliant actress and she knows that she has returned to Mumbai to once again make her career in the entertainment industry. Lata says that she is certain that she will make it again as she is beautiful and talented.

Well, let’s wait and see if Madhuri makes it this time or she will witness again the failure which she saw with her comeback ‘Aaja Nachlaye’.

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