Madhur Bhandarkar super excited with his Heroine

Mumbai: Madhur Bhandarkar is the happy man these days and his excitement level is super high and it should be since the director has been working pretty hard on his much-awaited and in talks project Heroine. He is enthusiastic about the venture. He shows his happiness with the way the leading lady Kareena Kapoor is doing in the movie.

Madhur was there at the calendar launch of photographer Daboo Ratnani’s bash where he shared his views about the movie and the leading lady. He said that he is very happy the way the film was going on also mentioned that almost twenty five percent work has been done. Bhandarkar said that the rest of the work will be done in various schedules in March, April and September.

Kareena is playing the character of Mahi Arora. The role is much contemporary, breath-arresting and edgy. He uttered that the character of Kareena Kapoor was real and like his other movies as he very deeply worked on it.

Madhur expressed that the movie will be a hit since he knew the story, screenplay and the dialogues which would surely work with the moviegoers. And apparently it seems that the film will hit the hearts of the people. The film is about the inner world of the filmdom – what happens there, the bitterness, sweetness and the eye-opening facts of the behind the curtain of film world.

The film’s story seems to be on the lines of Madhur’s 2008 hit Fashion but he says that Heroine is completely different that Fashion. But he is sure of the success with Heroine like Fashion got at the box office with critics and the moviegoers alike.

Kareena Kapoor was fetched into the role when Aishwarya Rai got pregnant. Initially Ash was the leading lady of Heroine but Kareena finally stepped into her shoes.

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