Madhur goes Spiritual for Heroine

Punjab: To be followed that whenever the Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar starts shooting for a new movie, he is seen visiting a religious place in the country. May be it is due to his spiritual belief or religious belief that he do so.

This is what it happened again before the start of the second phase of his controversial and upcoming movie ‘Heroine’, Madhur was seen visiting the Golden Temple on Saturday to get blessings. Madhur is better known for his religious and spiritual beliefs told that spiritual visits are meant for souls and he also mentioned that his visit to Golden Temple was a part of his regular spiritual dose. About himself he told that he was very delighted and happy to be there in Golden Temple. Lastly he thanked god for his support on him to start the beginning of the film and also he hoped him to continue his grace and blessings till last.

When asked about the film and the controversy revolving around it even before the beginning of the shooting, relating to the drop out of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and then Kareena Kapoor replacing her, Bhandarkar told that he is very hopeful about the film’s response.

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