Mahesh Bhatt and Subhash Ghai involved in casting couch

Mumbai: ‘Casting Couch’, the term, is widely in use in write-ups and we often get to read and hear a lot about it. Well, the evil practice is quite much in use in the entertainment industry of India. Many known and lesser known faces of the fraternity are involved in this evil business. Since the emergence of the Hindi film industry, casting couch has been going on. No one can take the eyes off it since it vastly exists in the industry. Give and take is the part of our lives and this ‘give and take business’ is seen hugely in Bollywood. The film industry’s craze and the stardom are what attract the most and people find themselves getting dragged off their feet towards them. To get the chances in movies and sometimes to get the short cuts to stardom, they lay themselves to the evil demands of the ones who have power and who can give them chance to be a star.

Suhel Seth, the AD-man, news television analyst and actor has now accused the biggies of the trade – Mahesh Bhatt and Subhash Ghai of casting couch. He accuses them of being involved in this business.  He writes in his column that all the Mahesh Bhatts and Subhash Ghais do casting couch. There is no denying about its existence in Hindi film industry and the directors and industry professionals agree to the fact that it has its feet in the industry.

Both Mahesh Bhatt and Subhash Ghai have denied the accusations of being involved in the casting couch.

Whether these two giants are involved in this evil practice or not, the fact they themselves will surely admit that it largely exists and many keep on being the victims to this evil. This issue has to be projected on larger scale to get it eliminated.

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