Mahesh Bhatt says we’ve invested a lot in Emraan Hashmi

Mumbai: Jannat 2 is coming to hit the screens and the makers of the movie are sure for the hit. Mahesh Bhatt seems super excited and confident for the success of the flick and he talks big for the movie. The film’s subject makes him more confident that the flick has potential to hit the masses’ hearts. He seems to be expecting bigger results at the box office.

Mahesh Bhatt said that Jannat had carved special niche in audiences’ hearts since the flick poured light on the dark side of the cricketing world. He added that Jannat 2 was the franchise which revolved around the subject of arms’ trading. Bhatt told that the film was love saga set up in a complex background. He revealed that arms’ trading was open in the states like Delhi, UP, Bihar and MP and in those states, the weapons are sold with super ease thus he wanted to bring in the subject on screen for the masses to be aware of it.

Emraan Hashmi is playing the main lead in this film (as he does in many of Bhatts’ movies). When asked Mahesh why only Emraan is there in their movies and he gets the meaty roles? He responds that other actors too work under their camp like Kunal Khemu and Randeep Hooda. On this when questioned Bhatt that they do not get the projection, Emraan gets under Bhatt’s camp, Mahesh Bhatt admits that they have invested a lot on Emraan Hashmi. He reveals that they find a good brilliant actor in him, so they tread along with him. Bhatt adds that other actors will take some time reaching there where Emraan is standing currently.

On question if he ever starts directing the films again, he responds, ‘no, never’. He says that he has left this job and this chapter is closed in his life.

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