‘Mastaan’ – Naseer and Vivan to Work Together

Mumbai: Actor Naseerudin Shah teams up with his younger son Vivaan for the movie ‘ Mastaan’. This is the second time the two of them have appeared in a movie together. The first being ‘ 7 Khoon Maaf’. However they didn’t share any screen space in the movie. Both of them are very versatile actors. At least that can be said for Naseeruddin Shah.  The young actor is still finding his way into the industry. The movie ‘Mastaan’ however has a lot of critical dramatic scenes between the two of them. The budget for the movie is 20 crores and it will be set in the 1980s. The film will be directed by the first timer ‘Rocky Khanna’, whose demands were very simple. He said that he would only direct the film if Naseer and Vivaan would act in the movie. And luckily both of them did agree! Naseer will be playing the role of the gangster Karim Lala and Vivaan of young Haji Mastan.

Vivaan has started preparing for his role as Haji Mastan and he is reading up on the gangsters of that era. However, rumour says that he has been asked not to watch Amitabh Bachchan’s role as a gangster in Deewar and even Ajay Devgn’s role in ‘ Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’, because the two actors have apparently taken aspiration for their roles from Haji Mastan. Producer Sunil Bohra said that when he read the script he was blown away by it! I hope that the audience has a similar opinion when they see the movie! There is so much gossip at the moment in B Town!

Mohit Chauhan is composing music for this movie! And don’t we all absolutely love Mohit Chauhan’s songs… One thing we as an audience can be sure of- that is even if the movie is not all that great, the music will be mind blowing! And don’t we just LOVE songs in our movie. That is what Hindi cinema is made of!

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