Mehdi Hassan is in serious condition, doctors say he’s improving

Karachi: The rumors have started making the rounds of the media and the web that the ghazal legend Mehdi Hassan has passed away whereas as per the authenticated news source from Pakistan has confirmed that the legend is alive and is in intensive care unit at present at a hospital in Karachi.

Arif Mehdi, the son of Mehdi Hassan, talked to media revealing that his father is very much alive and is in ICU currently. He told the reporters that the ghazal maestro was rushed to the hospital after her suffered the attack of the obstructive breathing disorder. Seeing the serious condition doctors took the legend under observation.

The rumors are fake, which have been all over the web and started rolling on since early today. Seeing the reports of his death, the millions of his fans across the globe glued to the web and got hugely sad but when they came to know that all being published about his death was wrong, they got relaxed.

Mehdi Hassan has been the inspiration of almost all the ghazal singers in the subcontinent. He also trained many of the coveted ghazal singers of past and today’s time. Hassan has been giving tips to the singers who render ghazals. He is also a playback singers for movies. Each ghazal of this maestro turned chartbuster in his long career. The ones like ‘Zindagi Mein Tu Sabhi’, ‘Ab Kay Hum Bichday’, ‘Yeh Dhuwan’, ‘Deewaron say Baatein Karna’ and to name a few got much popular among his fans.

Mehdi Hassan is equally popular in Pakistan and India and has huge fan following in the entire world.  Born on 18th July 1927 in Luna in Rajsasthan India, he is called the King of Ghazals. And he is truly the king of this field. If it is said that he is among the pioneers of ghazal singing, it would not be wrong at all.

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