MF Husain, his muses, his movies

One of the greatest names in the movie industry which many people may not know much is Maqbool  Fida Husain who gave up the ghost just few days ago in London the United kingdom. He was not a full time movie man his engagement on movies was on part time basis. He was very much versed in movie analysis that he has developed a third eye with which he can see things which other people will not see.

There are so many things to say about his observations to movies. For instance in a movie titled “Slumdog Millionaire” produced in 1999 by Danny Boyle, he commented on the stage where Jamal jumped to shit only to emerge as a different thing altogether unsoiled, he described the scene as the state of poor Indian who out of desperation was buried in dung just for the entertainment of many.

In a film titled Gaja Gamini produced in the year 2000, which was the first time he had issues to raise with film direction. He saw it as movie watched by few and understood by fewer. He has special liking for human beauty in different aspects. This can be seen from the way he saw affection with the personalities in Madhuri Dixit, as well as in the work of Kalida and also in the work of Lisa Meenaxi. He has a lot of things to say in almost every other film he has watched which is why he has a prominent place in Bollywood.

His impressions about movies cannot be concluded without reference to his observations on the AR Rahman’s film. Many people have not seen this let alone watching it. He made his impression about the film and scored it high.

The other things that can be said in the blessed memory of late Husain are his love for art collection. His love for movies dated back to his younger years when he was in love with painting of cinemas which he was doing then as an apprentice. Before his death Husain was one time the highest Indian paid artist. The personal biopic that was attributed to him was: The Making of a Painter.

Many who were close to this movie star had positive things to say about his life and time. Madhuri Dixit was full of praises for the wonderful contribution Husain has made in the movie world. She observed he made impacts in movies and paintings.

Another movie actor Amrita Rao also spoke of her impressions of this best Indian artist and lamented that the man never made it back to India alive. She described him as energetic and hardworking.

Other movie stars such as Tabu, Anuska Sharma and other big names in the movie industry in India are full of lamentation for the demise of this best artist that India has ever produced.

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