Monica Bedi is threatening me: Akash Pandey

Filmmaker Akash Pandey have filed a case against Actress Monica Bedi yesterday for purportedly bullying and threatening to extort additional money from him. Akash pandey has disclosed that Monica have been sending him threatening SMSes in abusive languages. In one of the SMSes, it was written that “U guys have to pay now, otherwise i will see u”.

Mr. Akash Pandey added, “Knowing her past, I fear she might try to harm me and hence i preffered to file a non-ognizable offence on Tuesday night against her. This is not a publicity stant on my part as some have suggested. If that were the case, I would have tried it before the film’s release in Nepal”.

Monica’s career may not be very remarkable but she has certainly led an eventful life. She tried to make a comeback by participating in Bigg Boss 2. She later participated in many other reality shows, one of them was NDTV Imagine’s Desi girl. But after that she wanted to restart her Bollywood career.  Meanwhile actress’ attempts to revitalize her filmy career have received another vital set back.

Mr.Pandey made his debut film named ‘Parichay’ starring Monica Bedi and Nepali superstar Nikhil Upreti that was released last month. The movie received a tremendous response in Nepal. As per the agreement Mr. Pandey had to pay Rs 5 lakh to Ms Bedi which he already paid. In case the movie is released in India, Monica had to be be paid anothe 5 lakhs.  He said ” Even before the film’s release here, Monica started making absurd demands for the remaining 5 lakh. I tried to make her understand that she is eligible for the amount only after the film hits screen in India, but (she) was difficult. She has been constantly harrasing me with threatening SMses. At times she talks about ‘dealing with us’ legally, while at other points she has tried to scare us by sending messages in typical ‘bhaigiri’ style that she will ‘see’ me.”

In reply, Monica Bedi said, ” I’m unaware of any such complaint. I haven’t sent any threatening SMSes to anyone. These are all rumors.”

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