Mumtaz, yesteryears actress, spends lonely life

Mumbai: Mumtaz, Bollywood’s ravishingly gorgeous yesteryears actress, says that she is lonely despite having husband and kids. She was the pretty successful actress of the eras of 60s and 70s. Today she celebrated her 65th birthday and on this special occasion, this elegant actress shares her heart to the media. She utters that despite getting laced with mammoth wealth, comfort, family and friends along, she spends a lonely life.

When asked how she looks at her past life and successful career, she responds saying her career was pretty well and for past life she does not have any complaints at all. She goes on saying that her first 26 years were filled with sheer hard work. Since she was an obedient kid to her parents, she gave to them whatever she earned and even did not ask where the money was spent. When she tied the knot, her husband endowed her with every comfort of life. She adds that she still enjoys the affluent life but she is lonely.

When asked why she is lonely since she has every comfort and family around her. She responds that her husband travels a lot due to business. She has grown up kids. Her elder daughter Natasha is married to actor Fardeen Khan and she lives with him in Mumbai. Her younger daughter Tania is now getting trained to handle the family business and she is constantly with her father. She too travels a lot. Thus in this situation, what she has to do – ‘nothing; and she does not have anyone with her to talk to.

Mumtaz reveals that she does not like parties and hates noise in the party circles. She keeps watching the news and educational channels on television. She goes to sleep early and by 11 p.m. she is fast asleep and gets up at 7 in the morning.

Yesteryears actress got married to businessman Mayur Madhvani when she was 26. She left India after getting married.

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